Our Phonic Australian Language Skills

Introduction II


1. Our words are written down by the use of phonograms.

2. Phonogram is a word that means ‘a written sound.’ Phono means sound and gram means written.

3. There are 3 groups of phonograms in our language. Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary.

4. Primary phonograms match the vowel and consonant sounds that we speak and they also make up the Primary Phonogram Words.

5. The following words are all Primary Phonogram Words.

am   chat   sang   that   *make   game  arm   

fair   bed   let   red   vest   yes   mete   Pete   

we   term   near  in   thing   bike   site   on   hot   

pop   g  rope   hope   look   pool   zoo   for   

how   toy   up   just   dune   tune 

* Many words that have the long vowel sounds of a  e  i  o  u  must include the silent e at the end of the word.

6. Secondary phonograms have silent letters added to primary phonograms.

7. The following words are all Secondary Phonogram Words.

aid   stay   steak   boat   light   height   store   

blow   heart   back   ghost   guest   when   

knit  scent   write

8. Tertiary phonograms are letters that don’t match the sounds we speak.

9. The following words are all Tertiary Phonogram Words.

they   weight   share   said   work   my   fast 

new   taught   lawn   there   glove   many   

photo   social   nation 

10. To avoid confusion in a learner’s mind, they must first learn the Primary Phonogram Words of our language. These are the words that match the sounds we speak. They are also known as regular words. There are over 1200 primary phonogram words which a learner can master in a very short time.

11. Once the Primary phonogram words are mastered the learner will easily absorb the secondary and tertiary phonogram words.

Let’s now move on to Primary Phonograms Inroduction.