Primary Phonograms Introduction

Primary phonograms are letters that directly match the sounds we speak. From the Vowel and Consonant Sound Maps we can see that the letters have different colours.

Blue represents the consonant sounds:

p,  b,  t,  d,  k,  g,  h,  w,  y,  m,  n,  ng,  f,  v,  s,  z,  sh,  zh,  ch,  j,  l,  r,  th,  th.   .

Red represents the short vowel sounds:

a,  e,  i,  o u,  oo.

Green represents the long vowel sounds:

a,  e,  i,  o,  u, oo.

Pink represents other vowel sounds:

ar air,  er,  ear,  or,  ow,  oy. 

Let’s now move onto Primary Phonograms Lesson One.