Our Phonic Australian Language Skills

Introduction I

1. The only true road, to Full Literacy in spelling, reading and writing in our language is through the separate sounds we speak.

2. Learners must learn to “feel” the separate sounds in their mouths.

3. From the feeling of the separate sounds, a learner feels how words are put together.

4. We speak 20 vowel sounds and 24 consonant sounds. These sounds are the code or key behind knowing all the words of our language.

5. The 26 letter-names of the alphabet consist of only 9 of the 20 vowel sounds and 17 of the 24 consonant sounds that we speak.

6. To gain full literacy, a learner must be aware of all 44 sounds and the four consonant sound combinations that we speak and be able to say them clearly and accurately from memory.

7. When learners are taught the sounds behind the alphabet letter-names and the sounds behind our words they will be well on their way to gaining full literacy skills and will be able to add to their vocabulary with minimum effort.

8. By knowing all the sounds we speak, and by putting words together from those sounds, a learner will instinctively know that words are sounded out from left to right in exactly the same way as we write them.

9. Having the skills to sound out words from left to right gives a learner the ability to read and pronounce (sound out) the larger words of our language.

Let’s now move onto Introduction II.