Primary Phonograms

Lesson Two


1. Here are 36 primary phonogram words made up of 2 sounds using 3 letters.

a  +  sh  = ash 

ap  at  

ark   ar  art   bar   far   jar   mar   par   tar   

sh  th  

her   per   


boo   moo   too   zoo   

or  for

bow   how   now   owl   pow   row   sow   vow  wow

boy   joy   soy   toy   



2. Knowing what the words mean is not the goal of these lessons. The goal is to teach and train the learner to sound out words. Many of these words will already be known by most learners. There are over 1200 Primary Phonogram words which a learner will soon be able to spell, read and write, but more importantly, they will be able to experience how the words formed in our mouths are written down and read back.

2. Here are 258 primary phonogram words made up of 3 sounds using 3 letters.


a + l + p alp   amp   and   ant   apt   asp   bad   

bad   ban   bat   dab   dad   dag   dam   fab   fa

fa  fa  fa  ga  ga  ga  ga  ga  ga  

ha  ha  ha  has   hat   jab   jag   jam   lab 

la  la  lap   mad   mag   man   map   mat  

nab   nag   nap   pad   pan   pat   rag   ran   rap  

rat   sad   sag   sap   sat   tab   tad   ta  ta 

tap   va  vat   wag   yak   yam   yap   zag   zap



eks   elk   elm   end   bed   beg   be  de  den   

fed   get   hem   he  jet   keg   le  leg   let  

men   met   net   peg   pen   pep   pet   red  

set   ten   vet   we  wed   wet   yen   yes   yet  

ze  zen   ego



ilk   imp   its   bib   bid   big   bi  di  di  di  

di  di  fi  fi  fi  fit   gig   hid   him   hip  

his   hit   jib   jig   kid   kin   kip   kit   lid   lip   li 

mid   nib   nil   nip   nit   pig   pin   pip   pit   rib  

rid   rig   rim   rip   sin   sip   sis   sit   tin   tip  

vim   wig   win   wit   zig   zip   zit 



 old   opt   bob   bod   bog   bop   bo  dob   dog

do  dot   fo  fog   gob   god   got   hob   hog  

hop   hot   job   jog   jo  lob   log   lop   lot  

mob   mop   no  non   not   pod   pop   pot  

rob   rod   rom   rot   sob   sod   sop   to  top  

tot   wog   wok   yob  




bub   bud   bug   bun   bus   bu  du  du  dug

fun   gum   gun   gut   hub   hug   hum   Hun   

hut   jug   jut   lug   mud   mug   mum   nub   nun  

nut   pub   pug   pun   pup   pus   rub   rug   rum  

run   rut   sub   sum   sun   sup   tub   tug   yum  


4. This is a long list of words to learn, but once a learner is past these words they will be convinced that they are on the right track and will begin to enjoy their learning and will be encouraged by their own efforts to continue.

5. A learner must be able to sound out these words and write them down from sound memory. When we say the sounds, we hear the sounds, when we write the sounds we see the letters that make those sounds. By writing the words down by hand our brain is also taught by muscular movement memory.

Now that these words are mastered, it is time to move onto Primary Phonograms Lesson 3


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