Tertiary Phonograms Introduction

Tertiary phonograms are letters that don’t match the sounds we speak. There are different ways of writing vowel sounds, the long a sound, for example, can be written ten different ways. A silly sentence to help us know all the phonograms for the letter a sound can be:

They paid eight great straight veiled apes gauged berets today.

In this sentence, there is 1 primary phonogram word ( apes ), 5 secondary phonogram words ( paid,  great,  straight,  gauged,  today ) and 3 Tertiary phonograms ( they,  eight,  veiled, berets )

The phonograms are best shown using coloured letters:

Primary Phonograms: apes

Secondary Phonograms: paidgreatstraightgaugedtoday

Tertiary Phonograms: theyeightveiledberets