Stages of Learning

Our language skills are best mastered through practising saying all the sounds we speak and writing those sounds down as primary phonograms
  • 1Sounds Come First

    We communicate with sounds every day. A baby’s first cry is a cry for communication with its mother. Those sounds will eventually form into words. We can communicate without being literate, but being fully literate gives us the ability to experience all that life has to offer. Our language is based on the sounds we speak. It is also a sight language by the fact that we read the written words. To be fully literate we must master the sounds we speak before we learn to read and write those sounds.
  • 2Phonograms Follow The Sounds

    Phonograms or written sounds are arranged into three families: Primary Phonograms Secondary Phonograms Tertiary Phonograms
  • 3Sounds Are The Key To Full Literacy

    Knowing all the sounds we speak opens up our language to us. All words have individual sounds within them. When we know all the individual or separate sounds we can easily spell or sound out every word we speak.

Our method is a better choice for the learner

Gaining full literacy is an investment in your future

The benefits of full literacy skills are usually not appreciated until later in life. Being able to educate oneself through ongoing reading and study is a major asset in one's life

When we have gained full literacy skills we are easily able to help those who may be having difficulties with our language